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Tips for this Spring

It's spring, which means flowers, gardening, BBQ's, desperate attempts to get in shape before swimsuit season, skipping work to be outside before it gets unbearably hot...

Spring also means it's time for home maintenance after a winter of neglect. Don't feel too bad about it--you're not the only one to hibernate from maintenance during the winter.

Following are some simple tips to keep your home operating in tip-top condition:

  • Try out your air conditioning system. If you wait until the first hot day to check your AC and it doesn't work, you will have a long, hot wait before the repair people can get to it. They'll be overworked and cranky by the time they get to your home; you'll be cranky because you're so hot!
  • Clean and inspect your ventilation system’s filters.
  • Clean exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Check and clean the clothes dryer vent and stove hood.
  • Inspect and clean rain gutters.
  • Inspect the roof for damaged, loose or blistered shingles.
  • Wash and repair window screens.
  • Inspect/replace caulk on windows, doors, and other penetrations, such as dryer vents and cable wire holes.
  • Trim branches and shrubs that are touching your home and remove dead branches that may fall on your home.
  • Open outside hose spigot valve (usually in basement).

Now get outside and enjoy the warmer weather!




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